Case Study: Silu Wellness Centre chooses SensaMist® S150

Peterborough, United Kingdom
SensaMist® S150 - Silu Wellness Centre


Silu Wellness is a state-of-the-art wellness centre located in Peterborough, UK.

Silu brings the latest innovations in fitness, physical health, mental wellbeing, nutrition and holistic therapies to the East of England.

The centre offers classes such as dynamic hot yoga, body combat, pilates, body pump, circuits and meditation. It also offers wellness services including osteopathy, reflexology, hypnotherapy and massage.


The ethos at Silu Wellness is to make its members and patients feel great, every day.

The staff there believe that to get the best out of life we should feel fit, happy and energized. Silu staff were looking for a fresh, energizing scent system to help create a feeling of ‘zen’, relaxation and positivity.

Studies have shown that scent can play a huge part in shaping our emotions, and by creating an inviting environment with scent, spas and wellness centres can encourage feelings of calm, happiness and mindfulness.


Silu Wellness chose the SensaMist® S150 scent diffuser from Vectair Systems.

The SensaMist® S150 is a solution that creates a fragrant atmosphere for small areas.

Since installing the SensaMist® S150, members and patients at Silu Wellness have been so empowered by the scent that they have been asking to buy it for their homes… a testimony to Vectair indeed.

Find out how SensaMist® S150 can bring the magic of scent to all kinds of venues.

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