Case Study: Vienna International Airport

Vienna, Austria
Vienna Airport Case Study


Thanks to its geographical position right in the epicentre of Europe, Vienna International Airport is one of the most important travel hubs for the growing number of destinations in central and eastern Europe.

They were looking for a sanitary disposal system that was high in quality both in the product itself and ability to service.

Norbert Knott, Operations Service Manager at Vienna International Airport, was on hand to help with the Case Study. He was impressed by the Femcare™ Sanitary Disposal System and how it helped the airport improve hygiene standards within the washroom and cubicles.


First of all you have to say, that user-friendliness in the washrooms has a high priority for us at Vienna Airport. This means, that the previous feminine hygiene bins had already attained a long service life and the visual appearance was not alright anymore.

Obviously, also hygiene in this area is a major topic, this means that the previous hygiene bins could only be opened by hand which was also a reason, why we were looking to switch to a different model. Another factor was the cost of the unit, as we wanted to provide a certain cost efficiency for our customer, Vienna Airport.


Primarily, product quality was obviously important for us, then service quality, which was also developed very well by Vectair and of course an adequate price point, which was a very important factor why we opted for this product.

Product quality was paramount for us, then service quality, and price point which are the core reasons as to why we chose the Femcare™ unit by Vectair.

The bins have been extremely well received due to their user friendliness as the user does not have to touch the unit.

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