Scent trends of 2019

Scent Marketing

Scent is all around us. Whether we like the smell or not, fragrance plays a big part in our emotions and can influence a lot of our attitudes and behaviours.

As it’s the start of the year, we look at the scent trends of 2019 and what fragrances will be in demand and influencing us all this year.

There’s certainly been a shift towards ‘lifestyle’ based scents in the past 18 months or so, no longer just the sweet smell of citrus is required, but scents like Bergamot & Sandalwood, Sea Salt, Lime & Basil etc. all dominate the scent scene. Thinking of scent trends of 2019 specifically, there’s an expectation that this trend of matching fragrances to lifestyle will continue. After all, scent is an extension of fashion for people, as well as being a very functional tool for marketers to reach new audiences.

Layering & customization

People & companies are starting to have fun with scent, whether using it for personal or professional uses. From a professional perspective, take the laundry industry, for example, a common channel considered to be ‘boring’. Now there are all sorts of detergents and cleaners that include scent boosters, new ways of layering the smell of clean cotton or linen and adding a different dimension to the smell, enticing the customer in and enhancing the smell of the laundry.

On a personal level, people are now deciding to ‘layer’ their perfumes or aftershave – as long as the fragrances don’t clash, layering can have an effective result – a ‘scent blend’ if you like, lasting longer, smelling unique (personal tip here: A citrus, woody fragrance goes superbly with a strawberry base – you wouldn’t think it, but it works). One dimensional fragrances are so 2018.

Scents for 2019

Expect to see deeper, richer scents this year, mainly linked to our ever-increasing obsession with food-related activities. There’s sometimes nothing like a sweet smelling salted caramel cake or chocolate cookie to stir the tastes buds. Richer scents also bring a sense of allure and mystique to a person or space. If you are attending a special event in 2019, especially at night, it might be worth exploring scents with such notes as caramel or cinnamon (hear us out!) to set the tone. It’s about standing out, being memorable, and you will be. The same can be said for a Company looking to host an event. A dark, intense scent such as smoked jasmine will provide a memorable occasion for your prospects.

Scents for eco-positioning 

As the world continues its much-needed search to become more resourceful, we also predict scents that help promote an eco-focused approach will be popular, especially in daylight hours. Essential oils providing a vibrant, energetic and ‘green’ approach will all feature – think of lavender, lime, eucalyptus, lemon, especially for the home and gym.

So, the question is this; What will be your star scent and your own personal scent trends of 2019?

Vectair Systems offer a range of fragrances for personal & professional use. If you’re looking for a new fragrance, our ‘Vibrary’ is a good place to start. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us to discuss your exact fragrance needs, either for the home or for a hotel.

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