Scent Marketing for Sports Arenas and Stadiums

Scent Marketing - Sports Arenas

When you think of going to a game you might think of associated scents with it, such as the outdoors, leather and freshness, which we’d all agree are much better than scents such as sweat and mud.

People want to go into a sports arena and enjoy the overall experience, so scent marketing for this environment (and associated areas) is essential!

Ideal scents for Sports Arenas

As above, you want to go to a game and smell the “right” things, so it’s important if this is your area to manage that you select the right aircare system for the environment its in.

Food Areas and Bars

Nobody wants to be overpowered by scent whilst they’re eating or having a pleasant drink, so aircare for this environment needs to be subtle whilst effective, as well as neutralising any unpleasant food or rubbish odours. The Prozone® Ozone Generator (Vectair Airsan™ in North America) works to kill up to 99.5% of airborne bacteria, which in turn neutralizes bad odours and smells and destroys harmful micro-organisms.

The V-Air® SOLID Air Freshener is also a good solution, as it gives continuous whilst subtle fragrance control with a range of scents to choose from, including Apple Orchard, Citrus Mango and Cucumber Melon.


No matter where they are, washrooms need to smell clean and hygienic. Given that these will be busy with members of the public in and out for the duration, it’s important to choose an air care system that can give consistent fragrance coverage and last the test of time. Ideally, the fragrances available should also be tailored to this environment, such as cucumber and melon (rejuvenating and fresh), ocean spray (to bring the outdoors in) or a bespoke scent such as leather.

Female washrooms should also cater for sanitary requirements so ensuring a sanitary disposal system that is safe, hygienic and does not release bad odours is important. Our Femcare™ MVP feminine hygiene waste disposal units are the first to incorporate antimicrobial silver ion protection and odour eliminating technology and use antimicrobial scented liners for 24/7 protection against bacterial build up from harmful germs such as MRSA, E.Coli and Legionella.

Medical Areas

Medical areas need to be kept clean and sterile as well as pleasant smelling, so it’s important to ensure that everything from aircare to hand wash fit this criterion. Soaps should be dermatologically tested and contain natural conditioners to keep the skin from drying out, especially for regular users. It’s also important to use cleaning products that have a clean smell whilst killing bacteria. Our Sanitex® MVP Soap Dispensers can meet both of these needs, promoting maximum hygiene with a range of luxurious soaps to choose from and operating via Invizi-Touch® Antimicrobial Technology.

Hospitability Suites and Lounges

Visitors in Hospitality Suites and Lounge areas will expect an environment that smells fresh and reminds them of the reason they’re at the arena – to watch their favourite sport in action. VIBE® is the answer here, offering coverage of up to 500m³ / 18,000 cubic feet and clever programming options so it will only work when you need it. VIBE® is VOC exempt and works through our patented Vibrating Mesh Technology.

Each VIBE® refill lasts up to 90 days and there is a wide range of fragrances suitable for a Hospitality Suite or lounge areas, such as Bergamot & Sandalwood, Sea Salt & Bamboo and Citrus & Mango. Discover our Vibrary here.

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