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The gym is a place to have some “me time” and work out so it’s important that the smell inside energizes and invigorates customers, as well as promoting hygiene and cleanliness.

An uplifting environment promotes productivity, so get it right and you’ll find your customers returning time and time again.

There are a number of areas to think about when looking to provide a scent for gyms and leisure areas. These include:

  • Primary equipment area (often a large space)
  • Weight room
  • Reception
  • Toilets and shower areas
  • Locker room

Each of these areas will need their own dispensers and scent systems, preferably tailored to the environment in which they will be used; for example, you will need an aircare system that works in large areas for your primary equipment area, whereas an aircare system for the toilets, washrooms or smaller exercise areas should be tailored for smaller environments.

Ideal scents for Gyms

You want to work out in an environment that not only looks clean and hygienic but smells it to. This naturally leads to utilizing universal scents that work well in multiple areas such as weight rooms, cardio areas, changing rooms and toilets. Universal scents such as apple, citrus and mango work well for this purpose, as they are subtle yet effective, giving off aromas that inspire and uplift without being overpowering.

Odour eliminating products are also appreciated in toilet areas; for example, our Femcare™ Antimicrobial Scented Liners eliminate nasty smells from products inside the liner, whilst giving off a pleasing fragrance via an additional scent additive.

The last thing to consider is hand wash. Again, products that are anti-bacterial with universal scents are great but do ensure they are dermatologically tested for your customers’ comfort.

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