Vectair Systems, Inc. launches its “Professional Passive Program™” – a range of five non-aerosol, non-battery air freshening products

Professional Passive Program™

Vectair Systems Inc., a leading technological innovator, manufacturer and supplier of aircare and hygiene systems in more than 120 countries, has launched the “Professional Passive Program™” in the USA. The program includes environmentally friendly products that all provide fresh fragrance without the need for batteries, aerosols, harmful solvents or propellants. These are Airloop®, Vectair P-Screen®, Vectair Wee-Screen®, VAZE™ and Vectair V-Air® SOLID. 

With the environment of primary concern, customers are demanding strong environmental credentials of their manufacturers to match their own corporate and responsibility programs. People want to identify products that are healthier and greener. Each of the five products in Vectair’s “Professional Passive Program” delivers strong fragrance performance whilst being recyclable. All products have been made to be VOC exempt in all US States and Canada and disposal is easy and effortless. Fragrances can be matched across the five products, meaning that customers can truly harmonize the atmosphere.

Vectair Wee-Screen®

Part of the ‘Professional Range’, Vectair Wee-Screen® is a simple yet superior 30 day urinal screen intended to deliver pristine urinal maintenance through its unique bubble design. Splash back is a common problem in men’s urinals, with unwanted amounts of urine often ending up on the floor. Vectair Wee-Screen® has been carefully constructed by a team of expert designers and, due to the nature and shape of the bubbles, effectively prevents splash back. The design is protected with a registered design mark so it is truly one of a kind. 

Vectair Wee-Screen® is an effective preventative measure to ensure floors are kept urine free, bad smells are reduced and debris that could block the urinal, such as cigarettes, chewing gum and paper, is caught – all of which could result in costly maintenance, or worse, cost businesses their customers.

The urinal screen has been built to be flexible, using interlacing strips of EVA material to form a strong but bendable lattice. This means it comfortably fits most urinal shapes and sizes.

Vectair Wee-Screen® is heavily fragranced using high class scents that last thousands of flushes. Fragrance isn’t ‘activated’, instead it is continually released over the course of 30 days, providing an ‘always on’ solution. Strong fragrance performance keeps urinals smelling fresh around the clock. 

Vectair P-Screen®

Part of the ‘Pioneering Range’, the Vectair P-Screen® is the first triple action urinal screen – incorporating dual fragrance delivery, an active ‘enzyme protected’ central core and the ultimate defence against splash back. Dual fragrance is continually released for up to 60 days. Its active central core provides impressive enzyme protection, containing naturally occurring bacteria that degrades organic matter, physically eating away at bad smells. This also reduces organic scale build-up by ensuring that uric salt is made more soluble, broken down and therefore made easier to flush away.

Its powerful ability to prevent splash back comes from a smart design combination of bubbles and bristles. Bristles and bubbles help to reduce splash back by creating a surface which is difficult for water to rebound off of. 

Vectair P-Screen® addresses fragrance fatigue, the common experience of losing sensitivity to an odor from over exposure, by providing powerful fragrance in two areas – the screen itself and the central core. A citrus-scented central core is complemented by six superior fragrance choices.


Airloop® is an air freshener that clips tightly to the inside or outside of a toilet bowl providing high quality and effective fragrance for up to 30 days. Made from a flexible EVA material which fits toilet rims of all different shapes & sizes, Airloop® utilizes Vectair’s “clip and go, clip and throw™’ technology, and is VOC exempt and recyclable.

The idea is that you can simply clip, go and then throw. Airloop® is designed to be ‘flush safe’, limiting the chance of a toilet blockage. Its attractive design means it is in fact multi-purpose and as well as the toilet, can be placed onto a variety of objects, such as desks, table edges, waste bins and gym equipment. 


Part of the ‘Professional Range’, VAZE™ is a 30 day passive fragrance solution which is powered only by air. Made of a VOC exempt EVA material for optimum fragrance performance, the refill fits a variety of passive air freshener dispensers. The VAZE™ 30 day air freshener refill is cost effective to suit smaller budgets, maintaining a fresh interior environment.

Vectair V-Air® SOLID

Part of the ‘Pioneering Range’, the Vectair V-Air® SOLID utilizes Vectair’s award-winning and multi-phasing Vectair V-Air® SOLID refill technology. It delivers continuous and consistent fragrance to for up to 60 days, requiring only natural airflow to operate.


In addition to the Professional Passive Program, Vectair are excited to launch EcoShell™, its latest non-aerosol air freshener utilizing ‘clip and go, clip and throw™’ technology. Powered by natural airflow, the unique shell design is not only visually attractive but it serves a powerful purpose – to provide a large surface area for superior scent delivery, with curved vents and internal slats for better distribution of fragrance. 

Its stylish, high-end design means that Ecoshell™ can be used in a variety of different locations and in different ways, using scent to bring environments ‘out of their shell’. This includes hotel bedrooms, offices, restrooms and homes. The design is protected which means it is truly one of a kind. 

Paul Wonnacott, President at Vectair Systems says: “We believe that in order to consider ourselves innovators in hygiene, we need to dedicate ourselves to a quest to provide ethical, efficient, environmentally friendly and economically viable products wherever possible. For this reason, we are very excited to be launching our “Professional Passive Program™” of products. Customers can benefit from recyclable products without having to compromise on quality or efficiency.”

For more information on all of these products, contact Vectair Systems or visit The Professional Passive Program™  from Vectair Systems is available now.

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