Antimicrobial Protection – the Invisible Hero

Antimicrobial Technology

Sanitary products with built in Antimicrobial Protection are, in our opinion, the best way to combat bacterial build up and harmful germs, including MRSA and E.Coli. By vastly reducing the growth of bacteria from the start, the risk of contracting serious health problems decreases; essential for anyone handling or working with this type of product.

What is Antimicrobial Protection?

Antimicrobial protection is a substance that prevents bacteria, fungi and microbes from growing or multiplying. It works by interrupting the metabolic processes that allow such bacteria to develop and grown. This is a different offering to that of an anti-bacterial product and offers a much broader scope of protection, as antibacterial products protect against bacteria only.

There are different types of antimicrobial protection out there; our own brand is called Invizi-Touch®and works by reducing bacterial growth by up to 99.99%. Silver is used as the active ingredient and as it is is inorganic and non-leaching it will not rub away, wash off or become inactive. It is dispersed throughout the whole product and as such provides protection, 24/7.

Why Do We Need It?

Antimicrobial protection is a warrior against a range of nasty germs, any one of which has the potential to make us very ill. These include:

  • MRSA – MRSA is a bacterium commonly found on the skin in areas such as the nose, buttocks or armpits. If it stays on your skin it is harmless, but if it gets deeper into the body it can cause a serious infection that has become resistant to several widely used antibiotics. Hospitals carry a high MRSA risk as patients are typically higher risk for infections with wounds or other access points for the bacteria, such as catheters or IV drip entrance sites. MRSA can be transferred by a simple touch, so it is always essential to promote good hand hygiene. The MRSA infection has symptoms that include dizziness, high temperature and fever, pus, aches and pains and confusion. This is dangerous for anyone who contracts it but has a higher mortality rate in environments where people have compromised immune systems or have been weakened by illness.
  • E-Coli – bacteria found in the environment, food and intestines. Some strains are harmless, but others can make you very ill, with symptoms including urinary tract infections, severe sickness and even causing pneumonia
  • Legionella – this bacterium can cause a range of diseases all grouped under the Legionnaires Disease title, including Pontiac fever and Lochgoilhead fever. Commonly found in water, the Legionalla bacterium causes flu-like symptoms with a high temperature, fever, chills, muscle pain, coughs and headaches. This can then lead to pneumonia in rare cases. Whilst these diseases can be treated with antibiotics, they can also lead to lifelong complications and have a mortality rate of up to 30%
  • Salmonella – these bacteria lives in the animal and human intestinal tract and is often introduced through contaminated food or water. It can cause a range of horrible symptoms including abdominal cramps, fever and diarrhoea.
  • Listeria – bacteria found in food including soft cheeses, unpasteurised milk and sometimes in chilled, ready to eat foods. Listeriosis can also be passed from person to person by physical contact or close contact with farm animals. Causes symptoms such as sickness, diarrhoea, aches and pains and fevers over 38C
  • Pseudomonas – bacteria commonly found in soil and water, can cause chest infections in people with weakened immune systems.
  • Mould – mould exposure can cause allergic reactions including fever and difficulty breathing. For those with compromised immune systems, mould spores can lead to serious lung infections.
  • Fungi – can cause fungal infections in organs such as the lungs or on the skin. Common fungal infections include Ringworm, fungal nail infections and Candidiasis (a.k.a. “thrush”)

Antimicrobial protection offers 99.99% protection and we can ensure this is further backed up by maintaining excellent hygiene standards, especially in areas such as hospitals, schools and nursing homes, where people will have lower resistance to infection. 

Vectair Products with Built in Antimicrobial Protection

  • Femcare™ antimicrobial liners – the first feminine hygiene sanitary waste liner incorporating Invizi-Touch® antimicrobial silver ion protection and odour eliminating technology.
  • Manual Sanitex® MVP Soap Dispensers – incorporated into the lid of manual dispensers (for EMEA regions only).

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