Air Freshener Fragrance Technology

At Vectair Systems, we use only the finest quality ingredients in all our air freshener refills, odor control systems and aerosol fragrances.

Air Freshener Fragrance Technology Air Freshener Fragrance Technology

We are different to other manufacturers in a number of wayswe not only manufacture our own range of pioneering aircare dispensers, but we also create our own high quality scents, using state of the art and patented techniques, such as Vibrating Mesh Technology, multi-phasing and ceramic air freshener fragrance technology.

This is what defines Vectair Systems as the leading company worldwide in providing both high quality dispensing and consumable solutions for air freshening requirements.

Air Freshener Fragrance Technology

Using proprietary blends and unique ways of dispensing aromas, Vectair Systems are revolutionizing the way people think of the traditional air freshener. Technologies such as Vibrating Mesh Technology (used in our latest patented aircare system, VIBE®) creates a far greener, highly efficient aircare system than ever before with real cost in use benefits. Our odor control refills for VIBE® not only fragrance an environment, but also neutralize odors too.

We have also created a pioneering, multi-phasing passive air freshener with sub micron technology – Superior fragrance delivery is achieved through micro sized particles at typically below 1.0 micron. This means they are much smaller and lighter than the particles in other fragrance products and systems, remaining airborne for many hours. We call this Sub-Micron Fragrance Technology. We can also avoid fragrance fatigue by having many fragrance notes that are continuously evolving in strength such that no single note or collection is too strong for an extended amount of time. 

A non aerosol refill cartridge is uniquely constructed from ceramic, infused with high quality perfumes, then complemented by an integrated internal fragrance core. These combine and diffuse powerful key fragrance notes that are subtly different. We call this Multi-Phasing Fragrance Technology and is seen in our new V-Air® SOLID Passive Air Freshener. 

Ceramic technology, used in our Vectair Omniscent® large space fragrance system, uses a previously undiscovered method to bring a pleasant ambience to a variety of locations. The solid ceramic cartridge, in the shape of a small rectangle ‘block’, is easily replaceable and safe to handle and fragrance can last up to four weeks per cartridge.

Bespoke air freshener scents can be refashioned or even created from scratch, where possible, for any custom request that can be used in the majority of our aircare systems. This is of course dependent on stability testing and prior research.

Sense of smell

We understand that our sense of smell is directly associated to our memory senses and our emotions – fragrance is able to uniquely activate both of these senses like no other stimulating source. Some ingredients, such as patchouli, have been used historically – it was a thing of tradition back in Roman times, to commonly use patchouli as an appetite stimulant.

Research in the United States found that exposure to a pleasant scent in a retail environment, more specifically a shoe shop, positively affected the way shoppers viewed the shoes on display. When compared to the same store using no scent but displaying the identical pair of shoes, over 80% of shoppers found them more attractive.

At Vectair Systems, we use historical, cultural and current trends along with existing research, to create our distinctive scents for our air fresheners.

Research & testing

We regularly perform olfactory appraisals and research both in house and through the Vectair Systems distributor network, ensuring our fragrances follow current trends which are not only popular, but are long lasting and effective. We look to find the right fragrance, in the right system, in the right place at the right time.

When deciding on scents, our product development team perform ‘blind’ testing, ensuring that tests are guided purely by the nose and not by other sensory organs, such as the eyes. Looking at a fragrance name before it is actually smelt can alter the way you actually smell the fragrance. These tests are done regularly in private and are personal to the ‘tester’. Smell can also be affected by other people and their reactions, so our tests are normally performed discreetly.

Once a fragrance blend is finalized and approved for full testing, the blends are then sent to our factory to be fully stability tested in our aerosols, cartridges and refills.

We also perform accelerated life testing on the fragrances to confirm compatibility, ensuring only the finest ingredients are used. This data from our tests enables us to enhance any fragrance where necessary. Once a fragrance has been tested in our dispensing systems, they are then brought to market.

Compliance with fragrance regulations

With environmental, health and safety issues being at the forefront of public interest in most industries and territories, it is of paramount importance that all ingredients found in our fragrance blends follow all relevant North American legislation – all our aerosol fragrances and passive deodorizer refills are at least VOC compliant. This also applies for the fragrances used in our ceramic fragrance technology. In addition, all our fragrances and systems are California CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliant. Our passive deodorizers are 100% recyclable, propellant and battery free and environmentally friendly – our ceramic cartridges are 100% biodegradable. We also create aircare systems that are VOC Exempt. 

In EMEA territories, we ensure our fragrances follow all EU legislation, are fully compliant with requirements from REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals) and follow the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) code of practice and guidelines worldwide.

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