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The Three H’s; Heatwave, Hydration & Hygiene

Posted By vectairsystems Friday, 23rd June, 2017
The Three H’s; Heatwave, Hydration & Hygiene

Here in our UK HQ we have been seeing unprecedented temperatures as the country is in the middle of the hottest, and longest, heatwave we’ve seen in the last 20 years! With roads in danger of melting and the MET office issuing an Amber heatwave warning, we now definitely know that Summer has arrived with a bit of a bang!

A guide to choosing the perfect scent depending on your customers’ culture

Posted By vectairsystems Wednesday, 14th June, 2017
A guide to choosing the perfect scent depending on your customers’ culture

Choosing the scent of your range of products depending on the culture of your customers can make your business more successful. Opinions about the sense of smell do not only depend on biological and psychological senses, they are also greatly influenced by our social and cultural experiences. As a result of the various differences in them, scent preferences are highly varied in eastern and western cultures.

Dirty restaurant… Dirty food? How opinions can change based on smell

Posted By vectairsystems Friday, 9th June, 2017
Dirty restaurant… Dirty food? How opinions can change based on smell

Often the smell of your favourite meal at a restaurant can instantly take you back to your childhood or a fond memory. But, as you enter the restroom, WHAM!... the smell hits you and the fragrance of “Urine Eau de Toilet” fills the air. Why isn't there an air freshener in here?

Summer Workplace Scents

Posted By vectairsystems Thursday, 25th May, 2017
Summer Workplace Scents

Now that we (finally) seem to be edging into Summer, it’s that time of year where we all crack open the summer wardrobe, throw the boots under the bed for the next few months and get the sandals out, and just enjoy the sights and scents that only the sunny season brings!

Mapping the olfactory landscape

Posted By vectairsystems Tuesday, 16th May, 2017
Mapping the olfactory landscape

The smell of the beach and sea air is one of the most recognizable smells there is and is one of the very first things holiday makers do when they get to the beach front (I know I do anyway!). A recent news report made reference to the notion of 'mapping the olfactory landscape'.

Holiday hygiene

Posted By vectairsystems Wednesday, 26th April, 2017
Holiday hygiene

Are you planning your next break or already have it booked? As the nights get longer and the weather gets warmer we start thinking longingly of a holiday, so if you’re dreaming of some time spent in the sun abroad, then this piece on holiday hygiene is for you!

Baby Changing Apps

Posted By vectairsystems Sunday, 26th March, 2017
Baby Changing Apps

Let's talk Baby Changing Apps | It seems there’s no end to the possibilities when it comes to downloading apps! Whatever you need can usually be found on the AppStore in or Google Play, and an easy way to find and rate baby changing facilities is now no exception!

Thank Phew!™ For That!

Posted By vectairsystems Monday, 20th February, 2017
Thank Phew!™ For That!

Let’s get this out of the way straight off - we all have to go. It’s just a normal bodily function and contrary to reports, we all do it – and that includes the ladies! But, that doesn’t mean that going isn’t embarrassing in certain situations. Which is why we came up with Phew!™ - the handy natural handbag toilet spray – perfect for all of those awkward moments.

Scenting Your Wedding Venue

Posted By vectairsystems Monday, 6th February, 2017
Scenting Your Wedding Venue

Scent is a huge part of everyone’s lives and histories – why not give your bridal party the chance to create their own scented history. Offer your Bride and Grooms something a little special for their wedding day with our VIBE and VIBE Plus dispensers for wedding venues!

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