Bring films to life with VIBE® PLUS – an ideal aircare system for cinemas and theatres. If you are wanting to create unique ambiences to match a film's genre or theme, all is made possible due to an ultra-flexible programmable dispenser and dual cartridge system. So if you need a Cool Mint scent in the morning for a certain production and Apple Orchard scent for a performance in the afternoon, this is now possible.

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There's now, no reason to take chances with your aircare. VIBE® PLUS can be the aircare solution to enhance environments and help create a relaxed setting for your clientele, safe in the knowledge you have provided the right atmosphere. If you need a versatile aircare system that allows for bespoke fragrances to give your casino a 'lift' then VIBE® PLUS is the safer bet.

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Special Events & Conference Rooms

The colossal coverage of VIBE® PLUS allows for fragrance to cover large conference rooms, hassle free. Whether a superior fragrance is needed for a special product launch, or a rejuvenating scent is required to relax the audience, provide visitors to your conference or event with something to remember you by, and give that lasting impression.

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Hotel Lobby

VIBE® PLUS can offer the perfect first impression for a hotel lobby. Micro fragrance particles remain airborne for many hours for superior fragrance delivery – leaving your hotel guests happy and providing them with a comfortable atmosphere to unwind from business travel or personal travel. If you require a bespoke fragrance for a period of time or to reflect the hotel branding, this can also be created.

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Wedding Venues

Weddings are a memorable and special occasion that have the potential to evoke all sorts of emotions. VIBE® PLUS can be the ideal aircare solution to provide a once in a lifetime experience. What a lovely thought it would be to bring the scent of where the happy couple first met, to their wedding day and tell the story in a truly unique way. VIBE® PLUS can make this magical memory come true.

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Nightclubs & Bars

Complete the ultimate sensory experience with VIBE® PLUS – an ideal aircare system for nightclubs and bars that gives the ultimate impression with unrivalled fragrance coverage. The ultra-flexible programmable dispenser and dual cartridge system, enables you to match scents to whatever genre your place is going for. So if you need a Citrus Mango scent to reflect the exotic club scene in Miami or an Ocean Spray for a relaxed bar feel in Marbella, this is the dispenser for you.

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VIBE® is the ideal aircare dispenser for washrooms, offices, reception areas, gyms and other indoor spaces. It’s redefining the way you think of the modern aircare dispenser.

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