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Using Our Patented Vibrating Mesh Technology

Creates powerful fragrance delivery through a mist of very fine droplets.

Longer Lasting Fragrance Cartridges

Each VIBE® refill can be programmed to dispense up to 90 days of fragrance.

Colossal fragrance coverage

Just one VIBE® Dispenser is needed in areas up to 500m³ / 18,000 cubic feet.

Clever programming options

Total user flexibility by offering features such as start, end and weekend on/off options.

VOC exempt formulation

Contains no solvents or HFCs and is VOC exempt. Just a pure fragrance formulation.

Introduce VIBE® to your setting

The VIBE® Aircare Dispenser can be used in a variety of locations, including washrooms and hotel receptions. Create the ideal setting in your location.

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Vibrating Mesh Technology

A mesh/membrane, with 2,000 laser cut holes, vibrates at the bottom of a reservoir pressuring out a mist of very fine droplets through the holes. Our VIBE® and VIBE® PLUS aircare dispensers are the latest creations and first of their kind to utilize our own patented Vibrating Mesh Technology.

The Technology

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Try the VIBE® Plus?

VIBE® PLUS is the ideal aircare dispenser for cinemas, casinos, hotel lobby areas and other large spaces. The fragrance coverage is colossal and the fragrance delivery is consistent.

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  • Patented Vibrating Mesh Technology

    VIBE® is fully programmable and is almost silent in operation making it subtly effective.

  • Unaffected by climatic conditions

    VIBE® does not use a wick to dispense the liquid fragrance from a bottle and is not affected by climatic conditions, humidity or dust particles.

  • Environmentally safe

    Each VIBE® fragrance formulation is VOC exempt, containing no HFCs or hazardous ingredients.

  • Long lasting fragrances. Colossal coverage

    VIBE® delivers superior fragrance for up to 90 days, covering areas up to 510m³ / 18,000ft³.

  • Excellent cost in use

    In certain locations, one VIBE® refill pack* will achieve your aircare needs for up to one whole year. (*1 pack = 4 VIBE® fragrance refills).

  • Highly efficient cartridges

    One VIBE® cartridge can replace up to three high volume metered aerosol cans OR up to six passive fragrance refills.

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