The EZ-SAN® Soap Program.

Soap made simple.


Casinos, Cinemas, Gyms, Healthcare, Hotels, Restaurants, Retail, and more...

Refill Capacity


EZ-SAN® Soap Refills
Available Colours (EZ-SAN® Anti-bac Foam Soap Selected)

Soap made simple. A smart approach to soap.

The EZ-SAN® Soap Program and EZ-SAN® soap refills from Vectair Systems simplifies soap for facilities, while ensuring hands stay clean, hygienic and sanitized at all times.

Choose from four different EZ-SAN® soap refills for user and location preference, including our Green Seal® Certified luxury foam soap. The other refills are; anti-bacterial foam soap, alcohol foam instant hand sanitizer and non-alcohol foam instant hand sanitizer.

Meanwhile, the EZ-SAN® dispenser offers easy loading as well as hassle free, hygienic and quick refill replacement.


  • Simple to load, maintain and use.
  • Cost effective - 0.7ml (approx.) per dose.
  • Service convenience - soap window allows user or service personnel to see soap refill level.
  • Four soap options. Anti-Bacterial Foam Soap (which includes the PCMX ingredient). Alcohol Foam Instant Hand Sanitizer (with 72% alcohol). Luxury Foam Soap. Non-Alcohol Foam Instant Hand Sanitizer (which includes the BZK active ingredient).

Specification & Codes


  • Dose (approx.): 0.7ml
  • Refill size: Anti-Bacterial Foam Soap. Alcohol Foam Instant Hand Sanitizer. Non-Alcohol Foam Instant Hand Sanitizer: 1000ml
  • Refill size: Green Seal® Certified Luxury Foam Soap 1200ml
  • Case size: Refills: 8 refills x 1 per case.
  • Anti-Bacterial foam soap - ingredient: PCMX Active Ingredient.
  • Alcohol Foam Instant Hand Sanitizer - alcohol level: 72%.
  • Non-Alcohol Foam Instant Hand Sanitizer - ingredient: BZK Active Ingredient.


  • EZ-SAN® Anti-Bacterial Foam Soap - PCMX Active Ingredient: A0049V1000
  • EZ-SAN® Alcohol Foam Instant Hand Sanitizer - 72% Alcohol: A0052V1000
  • EZ-SAN® Non-Alcohol Foam Instant Hand Sanitizer - BZK Active Ingredient: I1685V1000
  • EZ-SAN® Luxury Foam Soap - Green Seal® Certified: G1393V1200

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