VIBE® Plus Aircare Dispenser

Aircare. Redefined.

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Aircare. Redefined.

Our VIBE® Plus Aircare System is designed to enhance large spaces such as; hotels, casinos, conference rooms, shopping malls & other areas.

A mesh/membrane, with 3,000 laser cut holes, vibrates at the bottom of a reservoir pressuring out a mist of very fine fragrance particles through the holes. Our VIBE® Plus aircare dispensers are the first of their kind to utilize our own patented Vibrating Mesh Technology. One VIBE® Plus Dispenser will dispense fragrance to an area of up to an incredible 3,400m³.


  • No aerosols or propellants. VOC exempt.
  • Dual fragrance capability. Two refills per dispenser.
  • Fully programmable. Offers features such as start, end & weekend on/off options.
  • Battery or powered operation with ability to retrofit to existing HVAC systems.

Specification & Codes


  • Coverage: Up to 120,000 cubic feet.
  • Fragrance life: Up to 180 Days per cartridge
  • Cartridges needed per dispenser: 2 x cartridges required per dispenser.
  • Cartridge size (ml | oz): 500ml | 17fl oz.
  • Formulation: Aerosol and propellant free.
  • Dimensions (mm | inches): (H) 343 x (W) 211 x (D) 149 | 13.5in x 8.3in x 5.9in.
  • Operation: Battery, powered or HVAC function.


  • VIBE® Plus Dispenser: VIBE-PLUS-WW
  • VIBE® Plus HVAC Dispenser: VIBE-PLUS-HVAC

Aircare. Redefined.

Vibrating Mesh Technology from Vectair Systems, is redefining the world of aircare, in fact, you might never look at an aircare system in the same way again. VIBE® Plus is the next generation of aircare dispenser.

Our ‘VMT’ system is more effective than having a vibrating piezoelectric element at the bottom or top of the reservoir. A shorter aircare coverage time is achieved – using less of the refill than in a piezo version. A mesh/membrane, with 3,000 laser cut holes, vibrates at the bottom of a reservoir, and thereby pressures out a mist of very fine droplets through the holes.

Vibrating Mesh Technology

  • Ultra low concentrations.
  • Battery powered or HVAC application.
  • Unequalled fragrance performance.
  • Propellant free formulation. VOC exempt.

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VIBE® Plus Aircare Dispenser Fragrances


Change Fragrance

  • Washroom
  • Out of Washroom
  • Airoma® Therapy & Spa

    • Sweet Pea & Wisteria
    • Sea Salt & Bamboo
    • Ocean Spray
    • Lavender & Geranium
    • Bergamot & Sandalwood
  • Exotic

    • Cucumber & Melon
  • Citrus

    • Citrus Mango
  • Classics

    • Apple Orchard

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