EZ-SAN® hygiene range: Vectair launch four new products

EZ-SAN® hygiene range

Vectair have announced the launch of their EZ-SAN® hygiene range. Available in North America, The Caribbean and Latin America, the EZ-SAN® range is designed to optimize hygiene, on the go. As more and more public spaces look to reopen after the COVID-19 lockdown, the Company hope public hygiene standards can improve.

The EZ-SAN® hygiene range consists of FDA listed instant hand sanitizers, a Universal Dispenser stand & XL Bottle Securing Bracket. Vectair are also proud to announce that their Universal Dispenser and XL Bottle Securing Bracket are made in the USA.

Vectair’s new range forms part of the Company’s goal to provide businesses with a COVID-19 Care program. As well as essential hygiene measures, Vectair can provide care and comfort through scent too, for businesses and their customers. Chad Davis, Executive Vice President, Vectair Systems, Inc., says:

“The COVID-19 Care Package is a way for businesses to have a convenient checklist all in one place, of aircare and hygiene related products”.

EZ-SAN® Hygiene Range | Products


Antiseptic - Hygiene range - EZ-SAN

FDA listed EZ-SAN® XS Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer Gel is a pocket sized instant alcohol based formula. It can sanitize hands effectively without the need for water.


Hygiene range - EZ-SAN XL

Containing 70% alcohol and also FDA listed, EZ-SAN® XL provides effective methods to sanitize hands when water is not available.

EZ-SAN® XL Securing Bracket

EZ-SAN® XL Securing Bracket - hygiene range

Made in the USA from high strength stainless steel. The Securing Bracket allows the EZ-SAN® XL bottles to be securely attached to the wall or Vectair’s Universal Dispenser Stand.

Universal Dispenser Stand

Universal Dispenser Stand - EZ-SAN Hygiene Range

Vectair’s Universal Dispenser Stand for sanitizer bottles and soap dispensers provides a convenient and robust solution to sanitize hands.

As a key objective, Vectair are helping businesses provide optimum care, comfort & hygiene to their customers. For more information about the EZ-SAN® hygiene range, contact the Vectair team today, by getting in touch, here.

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