Gel Sachets launched as part of EZ-SAN® hand sanitizer range

EZ-SAN® Hand Gel Sachets

Gel sachets have been added to EZ-SAN® hand sanitizer range, Vectair Systems have announced. They are an antiseptic instant hand sanitizer specifically designed for personal use, on the go.

Sectors such as the food service industry and travel are the ideal channel for these handy personal hygiene essentials. The alcohol based formula is quick drying and FDA listed, providing peace of mind for visitors to public spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond.

The gel sachets offer instant protection, providing both a convenient, effective and a quick method to sanitize hands with. They fit easily into bags, pockets and purses for optimal hygiene ‘on the go’.

According to the CDC, “If soap and water is not available, use alcohol-based hand sanitizers, containing at least 60% alcohol”. The EZ-SAN® sachets contain 70% alcohol.

EZ-SAN® Hand Gel Sachets

The gel sachets also allow for effective portion control and reduce product waste. Each sachet offers just enough gel to sanitize hands effectively. Brands can also private label the packaging to promote their message and help promote a safe environment and best hygiene practices.

The EZ-SAN® range is made up of hand sanitizer bottles (XS and XL), a securing bracket and universal stand. In addition, EZ-SAN® skincare dispensers and refills are offered to provide effective hand hygiene in and out of the restroom.

The gel sachets are now available to North America, The Caribbean and Latin American countries. To find out more, contact a member of the Vectair team today or visit the EZ-SAN® Hand Gel Sachet page.

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