Fragrances for the home environment – for that feel good factor

Fragrances for the home

That sweet smell of home. With so many of us staying at home temporarily due to the global coronavirus pandemic, we look at some fragrances for the home that can help bring the feel good factor into the house.

Keeping bad smells at bay in the home can be a constant and daily battle, especially with the common challenges that cooking, pet, toilet and waste smells provide. Generally speaking however, fragrances for the home can be pretty easy & simple to work out.

Lemon & lime based scents are a popular choice as they are bright and light fragrances – they are also particularly useful at tackling foul smells from waste disposal areas in the home (think trash cans and waste bins). Particularly in the kitchen, with sinks and drains, a lemon scented solution such as dish soap can spritz the area, leaving it clean and fresh smelling.

Citrus is another fave fragrance for home areas like lounges, but it needs to be subtle to ensure that it doesn’t smell too chemical based or too much like a toilet or washroom. A study by Janice K. Kiecolt-Glaser in 2008 found that citrus based fragrances can help boost mood and ambience.

Fragrances for the home

Lavender is a known scent that can help relax minds – and a home is a place of relaxation. Try particularly in bathrooms and bedrooms, perhaps spritz lavender on pillows too.

Fragrances for the home can also include scents such as jasmine and eucalyptus. Think of placing plants and scent diffusers around the home to ensure spaces get maximum exposure. Jasmine has been known to alleviate anxiety, stress and can also help the body unwind. At a time like this, perhaps it’s an ideal fragrance for the home.

An aromatherapy staple, eucalyptus scent has been widely used to sooth both mental & physical discomfort.

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