Fragrance facts – celebrating world fragrance day

Fragrance Facts

The importance of scent in our daily lives is wide ranging, from creating memories and moments to influencing purchasing decisions and changing moods. Here we highlight some fragrance facts and scent related facts to celebrate International Fragrance Day on March 21st.

Check out these fragrance facts;

  1. The world’s most favorite smells include; fresh cookies from the oven, vanilla, freshly baked bread, freshly ground coffee, sea breeze and cinnamon rolls.
  2. The world’s least favorite smells include; the smell of trash cans, drains, body odor, vomit, soiled nappies and garlic breath!
  3. 60% of people believe that certain smells remind them of a particular place, according to one study.
  4. Another found that seven in ten people associated smell with memory.
  5. These fragrance facts are really fascinating – animals can have favorite smells as well! Cats favor valerian, lions prefer mint (?!) and camels somehow love tobacco.
  6. We can smell before we are born – smell is the first sense to develop.
  7. Some people will only detect bad fragrances – cacosmia sufferers will only detect disgusting smells – even those traditional smells, such as freshly baked bread, will smell like vomit or trash.
  8. It would take 1.6million rose blossoms to create just 1 kilogram of rose oil. It’s little wonder that it is one of the most highly desired scents.
  9. Fragrance fatigue – in simple terms, this is where an individual can get so used to the smell of a certain fragrance, no longer noticing it. The gradual acclimation to a perfume of aftershave means we can no longer smell it on ourselves. This is why sometimes you’ll find that you are using more of a fragrance than what’s required, making the aftershave or perfume overpowering to others, but not you.
  10. There are seven main smells: musky, putrid, pungent, camphoraceous (similar to mothballs), ethereal, floral and minty.

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