Scenting Your Wedding Venue


With wedding season just around the corner and many bridal parties trying to stay inventive, why not consider offering something a little different. Why not decide to scent a wedding venue?!

We all know how important scent is – how the whiff of a favourite perfume or aftershave can transport somebody back to another day and another time and how the smell of chalk reminds people of a certain age of their school days! Scent is a huge part of everyone’s lives and histories – why not give your bridal party the chance to create their own scented history.

Traditional wedding scents

Of course, roses are right up there for the most traditional method of scenting a wedding venue. Romantic, luxurious and classically English, roses have long been associated with weddings and bridal bouquets thanks to the vision they conjure of love and beauty.  With more than 50 petals on an average rose, opening to around 5 inches in diameter, roses are available in over 3000 varieties, all with a slightly different look and scent. A lot of brides ask their flower girls, or wedding venues, to scatter rose petals alongside the aisle for a romantic vibe as well as selecting them for their bouquets.

Previously used for its medicinal value in the Far East and parts of Europe many years ago, the peony has made the successful transition into a popular wedding flower. With its bright and full petals and stunning appearance, the strong fragrance makes it the perfect choice for a scented wedding.

Sweet Pea
Brought to these shores way back in 1699 from Sicily, the sweet pea evokes a wonderful quintessentially British vibe (even though its roots say otherwise!) With its sweet, candy-like scent and pretty ruffled peals, sweet peas have won the hearts of many brides over the years and are still popular wedding flowers today, especially in the Spring and Summer months.

How to scent your wedding venue
If offering a wedding that needs scenting to evoke memories, is something you would like to consider for your venue, the VIBE and VIBE Plus are what you need!  Both of these dispensers offer fabulous cost efficiency, unsurpassed scent delivery and unbelievable coverage meaning that you can really offer your Bride and Groom something truly different. And with a wide range of scents available in the form of a long lasting cartridge which contains no solvents, HFCs or any other nasties, our pure fragrance formulation is sure to hit the right spot!

Depending on the size of your venue, we can tell you whether the VIBE or VIBE Plus dispenser will be right for you – get in touch today and find out how Vectair can give you the edge over your competitors

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