Scent marketing for luxury airport lounges

Airport Lounge

Whenever you are in a smaller area with limited ventilation, there are chances that the air can become crowded with bad odours, especially in hectic airports. When it comes to airport lounges in particular, there can be the issue of unpleasant body and food odours trapped in one room, which can leave a lasting impression on guests. With such a high footfall, airports and airlines need to make sure that guests are greeted with a pleasant, fresh smelling atmosphere when they visit airport lounges.

The travel industry and airline service providers are all competing to attract customers and retain them, especially if they are using premium or VIP lounges to travel. A good way to achieve brand retention is through scent marketing.

Scent marketing for airports and airport lounges can leave a long-lasting impression on the customer and create a pleasant experience before they set off on their journey. Scents are connected to emotions which then influence decisions, leaving a positive impact on the customer about the environment. If the scents are unpleasant, it can ruin the atmosphere, leading to a negative decision and impact on the customer about the environment.

Airports see a range of different people come and go, whether it is for business or leisure. One thing that those travelling have in common is the want and desire to be comfortable and relaxed, especially before a flight. By scenting an airport lounge, it can allow customers to either sit, relax and maybe get some rest, do some work in their free time or try to remain zen before they fly, without the unpleasant distraction of bad odours.

For some people who fly, it can be an unnerving and anxiety ridden experience. Keeping airport lounges as relaxing as possible is a must, especially for nervous fliers and this includes keeping the odours at bay and the atmosphere as pleasant as possible. As we know, scents trigger emotions and if the odours are bad, it can cause nervous customers to have an even more of a tense and unfavourable experience.

If lounges are fragranced with relaxing and satisfactory scents, it can help anxious fliers have the benefit of a relaxing experience. These customers will appreciate the pleasant atmosphere and will continue to use the same accommodating lounge services when they have to fly in the future.

SensaMist® Scent Diffuser S1000 - airport lounges

Scent systems for airport lounges

Scent marketing offers a great opportunity to create brand and customer trust. However, implementing fragrances is a skilful art and has to be done correctly to be effective. If you are exploring this area, working with a partner that offers high quality scent marketing systems and fragrances is critical.

Below are a range of Vectair Systems SensaMist® scent diffusers that are perfect for airport lounges to provide a welcoming and relaxing environment.

  • SensaMist® Scent Diffuser S100 – This small and compact SensaMist® S100 diffuser provides an enhanced visitor experience and can be positioned higher up on walls, out of the eyeline. The non-aerosol fragrance delivery system maximizes coverage and concentration. (Coverage of up to 10590 cubic feet)
  • SensaMist® Scent Diffuser S150 – With a sleek looking design, the SensaMist® S150 offers a fine mist of fragrance that seamlessly diffuses into the environment. The virtually silent diffuser uses the fine mist of fragrance to maximize coverage, performance and concentration. (Coverage of up to 7060 cubic feet)
  • SensaMist® Scent Diffuser S1000 – the professional looking SensaMist® S1000 can be positioned on walls to help distribute a fine mist of fragrance across large areas, such as airport lounges. This HVAC operation is virtually silent and can deliver scent for up to 35314 cubic feet.
  • SensaMist® Scent Diffuser S3000 – The floor standing SensaMist® S3000 has a simple and modern looking design with the ability to cover up to 70600 cubic feet which is perfect for larger lounge areas. The virtually silent operation works by delivering a fine mist into the atmosphere creating a fragrant and welcoming environment.


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