V-Air SOLID Plus Ocean Spray

V-Air® SOLID Plus | Ocean Spray Refill

From the Airoma® Therapy & Spa Coastal Floral Range

Washroom Out of Washroom

The Ocean Spray fragrance opens with a mixture of clove, jasmine and lemon peel. What subtly follows, is a floral blend blossoming into a wave of soapy, cool marine musk.

V-Air® SOLID Plus utilizes pioneering multi-phasing air freshener technology to provide continuous fragrance to large spaces up to 500m³ in size.

Through a solid fragrance cartridge, with an inner fragrance core, high quality fragrances are released via the V-Air® SOLID Plus dispenser, delivering consistent fragrance intensity continually for up to 30 days. V-Air® SOLID Plus cartridges are free of propellants and aerosols. As the aircare dispenser is powered through electricity, V-Air® SOLID Plus doesn’t rely on batteries either.

Notes: Clove, jasmine, lemon peel, floral, cool, marine, musk, soapy.


  • V-Air® SOLID Plus cartridges are infused with high quality perfumes, complemented by an integrated internal fragrance core, combining to diffuse powerful key fragrance notes that subtly change, avoiding fragrance fatigue.
  • Fragrances last up to 30 days.
  • No aerosols, batteries, liquids or propellants.
  • Solid cartridge, won't leak or spill.

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Specification & Codes


  • Cartridge life: Up to 30 days | 4 weeks (dependent on location requirements and dispenser output settings).
  • Coverage: 500m³ - specifically for medium to large spaces.
  • Refill type: Non-aerosol, non-liquid. Solid cartridge.
  • Operation: Mains Operated.
  • Case pack: Refills: 2 x refills per case.


  • V-Air® SOLID Plus | Ocean Spray: V-SOLIDP OCEAN

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