Vibe Ocean Spray

VIBE® | Ocean Spray Refill

From the Airoma® Therapy & Spa Coastal Floral Range

Washroom Out of Washroom

The Ocean Spray fragrance opens with a mixture of clove, jasmine and lemon peel. What subtly follows, is a floral blend blossoming into a wave of soapy, cool marine musk.

Enhance spaces with our patented and unique VIBE® Aircare refills with pioneering Vibrating Mesh Technology for superior scent delivery. VIBE® is an effective and performance driven aircare system delivering a fine mist that lasts for many hours. A mesh/membrane, with 2,000 laser cut holes, vibrates at the bottom of a reservoir pressuring out a mist of very fine fragrance particles through the holes. Welcome to the aircare revolution.

Notes: Clove, jasmine, lemon peel, floral, cool, marine, musk, soapy.


  • Ability to fragrance spaces from 30 & 60 days.
  • No aerosols or propellants.
  • Programmable aircare system.
  • More efficient - one VIBE® dispenser & refill can replace up to 3 standard aerosol dispensers.

Specification & Codes


  • Coverage: Up to 500m³.
  • Case size: 4 x VIBE® refills.
  • Operation: Operates on four low cost "C" cell batteries.
  • Refill capacity: 100ml
  • Refill life (dependent on location conditions & dispenser settings): 30, 60 or 90 days (we recommend a 30 day, 24/7 setting for optimal performance).
  • Refill type: Non-aerosol.
  • What dispenser is it for? VIBE® Aircare Dispenser with Vibrating Mesh Technology.


  • VIBE® | Ocean Spray: VIBE-WHITE

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