How it Works

The Phew!™ natural toilet spray removes the bad smells that can occur from visiting the toilet by using a clever, subtle and hassle free technique. It’s time to create peace of mind and remove those awkward moments.

2 steps to a stress free toilet visit

Shake well, aim into the toilet bowl and spray 3 times directly onto the water’s surface.

Simply go to the toilet & smell the fresh lemon scents replace the bad smells.

The science behind the smell

When applied to the inside of the toilet bowl, Phew!™ creates a layer on the surface of the water made up of natural compounds. This guarding layer captures the odors emanating from the bottom of the toilet bowl and releases a pleasant and refreshing fragrance, removing the bad smells, naturally.

Natural and necessary

Phew!™ is environmentally friendly & uses natural ingredients, without aerosols, CFCs, HFCs, propellants or solvents.

Cost efficient

Phew!™ toilet spray provides excellent and market leading cost in use with over 80 sprays per bottle.

Versatile and multi-purpose

Phew!™ can be used as a general room air freshener & removes smells, naturally without any hazardous or toxic materials.

Creates peace of mind

Spray Phew!™ just three times before or after going, removes bad smells completely with a fresh and clean lemon scent.


The Phew!™ packaging and contents are designed to be subtle & discreet avoiding those awkward moments.

Natural and Necessary

Phew!™ uses natural ingredients, without propellants or solvents. Those all-important, non-hazardous raw materials provide peace of mind when you need it most.

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