Rainbows for our Key Workers


Rainbows are a symbol of hope and support. As it is widely known, Vectair Systems was founded back in 1988, in the UK. One of the most precious things that we hold dear in the UK is our National Health Service (NHS), which is publicly-funded and is there to provide comprehensive, universal and free hospital treatment to anyone who needs it.

During the coronavirus pandemic, rainbows have become a symbol of support here, for people wanting to show their gratitude to NHS workers around the country. The trend was reportedly started by a nurse who wanted to create a ‘sign for hope’, and parents and children have been displaying their artwork on windows, doors and driveways. People have also been sharing their pictures online using the hashtag #RainbowsForNightingale (referencing the NHS Nightingale Hospital in London – read our Coronavirus press release).


To show our personal appreciation, our company logo is temporarily changing on our social media pages. We thank not only our NHS healthcare professionals here in the UK, but also healthcare workers in other nations.

We also want our rainbow logo to show our appreciation for all the cleaning staff around the world who are keeping us safe, whilst risking their lives.

Paul Wonnacott, Managing Director & President of Vectair Systems said:

“We as a family take to the streets every Thursday to applaud our front-line workers, so let’s also spare a thought to all of those cleaners who are the bread and butter of our industry, too.

Undertaking, in most cases, a job that gets little thanks or appreciation, I think this crisis has brought some much-needed focus to our industry and to the many hundreds of thousands of cleaners who normally go unnoticed, unrecognised and unappreciated!” 

Everyday, cleaners reduce the risk of us catching deadly diseases that could harm us, yet they often don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Let us hope that after we have turned the tide on this awful coronavirus pandemic, we can raise the profile of cleaners around the world and truly recognise the importance of the work that they do.

For all the key workers out there, these rainbows are for you and we THANK YOU.

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