Vectair V-Air® SOLID

Multiple fragrances from one air freshener. VOC exempt. Carbon neutral.






  • Multiple fragrances from one single passive air freshener. Consistent, powerful fragrance delivery targets fragrance fatigue.
  • Vectair V-Air® SOLID refills are carbon footprint assessed, approved and carbon neutral - according to Carbon Footprint Ltd standards.
  • VOC exempt - one of the safest air freshener's available.
  • Fragrance refill made from organic ingredients. Water based and flexible, solid reservoir (fragrance core).
  • Multi-phasing, passive deodorizer system using no aerosols, propellants, solvents, batteries, gels, wicks or liquids.
  • Uses ‘Sub-Micron Technology’. This means that it delivers fragrance particles typically below 1.0 micron (<1.0μm). The olfactory sensors detect them easily and they remain airborne for a period long after the origination source has stopped.
  • Both dispensers are recyclable.
  • One Vectair V-Air® SOLID refill provides up to 60 days fragrance delivery to areas up to 6,000ft³.
  • Different fragrances are used in the fragrance core and in the ceramic capsule.
  • Refills are designed to fit into most similar, existing passive dispensers.
  • Vectair V-Air® SOLID dispensers can be wall mounted or free standing. Two dispenser types available - MVP and Family.


Dispenser dimensions: inches / mm

7.17-in (h) x 2.83-in (w) x 2.76-in (d) / 182mm (h) x 72mm (w) x 70mm (d)

Approx. weight: lbs / Grams

0.48Ib / 220g (per refill)

Pack sizes:

x6 sell pack / x48 outer case

Fragrance coverage:

Fragrance delivery to areas up to 6,000ft³.

Refill material: Ceramic part (Capsule)

Exact material composition is proprietary information to Vectair Systems).

Refill material: Fragrance core (Center)

Water based fragrance (exact material composition is proprietary information to Vectair Systems).


Fragrance codes:

Vectair V-Air® SOLID fragrance descriptions:


Vectair V-Air® SOLID - Cool Mint: Beginning with crisp cedar and pine, the fragrance evolves into a cooling herbal aroma, transforming into a sparkling blend of energizing wild mint and eucalyptus, with a touch of lemon spearmint.


Vectair V-Air® SOLID - Cucumber Melon: A heavenly mix of sweet and subtle. A fresh crush of cucumber leads into a calming melon, which drifts into an uplifting peach.


Vectair V-Air® SOLID - Apple Orchard: Your senses embark on an indulgent journey of taut apple, leading into spicy rich aromas of clove, cinnamon and nutmeg, with a touch of velvety vanilla.


Vectair V-Air® SOLID - Ocean Spray: Opening with a mixture of clove, jasmine and lemon peel, this floral blend blossoms into a wave of soapy, cool marine musk.


Vectair V-Air® SOLID - Citrus Mango: This fruity cocktail starts with a burst of citrus peel and juicy berries, opening the way to a lively lime with vanilla ice cream, and departing with a punch of peach and mango musk.


Vectair V-Air® SOLID-R: This mix of essential oils blend Citronella, Eucalyptus and Geraniol to create a strong, natural and ˆeffective fragrance that lasts up to 30 days.

Dispenser code:

Two dispenser options:


V-Air® SOLID Dispenser (White).


V-Air® SOLID MVP Dispenser (White).

Product Overview

The multi-award winning Vectair V-Air® SOLID utilizes pioneering multi-phasing, sub-micron air freshener technology through a Vectair V-Air® SOLID Multi-Phasing Passive Dispenser and solid fragrance cartridge, delivering consistent fragrance intensity.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY | Vectair V-Air® SOLID is VOC exempt, completely free from any solvents, propellants and batteries – categorizing it as one of the safest and smartest air freshener’s available. It has been tested by Carbon Footprint Ltd as Carbon Footprint Certified and the refills are carbon neutral.

MULTI-PHASING TECHNOLOGY | The Vectair V-Air® SOLID cartridge, is uniquely constructed from ceramic, infused with high quality perfumes, then complemented by an integrated internal fragrance core. These combine and diffuse powerful key fragrance notes that are subtly different. The diffusion rate of fragrance moving through the ceramic capsule is much different to the fragrance evaporating from the fragrance core. This means that the start fragrance transforms into something very different over time. 

SUB-MICRON TECHNOLOGY | The Vectair V-Air® SOLID particles enable superior fragrance delivery, yet are sized typically below 1.0 micron. This means they are much smaller and lighter than the particles in other fragrance systems, remaining airborne for many hours. This makes Vectair V-Air® SOLID highly effective whilst being safe for public areas and continuous exposure.

There are two dispensers to choose from, one existing dispenser designed for the Family Range and the Vectair V-Air® SOLID MVP Dispenser version designed to complement the Vectair MVP range.

HARMONIZE YOUR WORLD | Vectair V-Air® SOLID has been designed to offer the same great fragrance options as provided in the Vectair V-Screen® Urinal Screens and the Vectair V-Fresh™ Universal Air Freshener.

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