COVID-19 Hygiene & Our Top Tips to stay on top of Coronavirus

Covid-19 hygiene

Due to COVID-19 we are all encouraged to wash our hands far more often than we perhaps usually would in ‘normal’ life – and rightly so, since we know this disease can be transmitted via touch. Here’s some useful COVID-19 hygiene advice to help us through these testing times.

COVID-19 Hygiene – how easy it is to stay on top of your hygiene amid a global pandemic?

We use our hands every day, for almost every task that we do. But it is only the arrival of COVID-19 that we have been made aware of how often we touch our faces with our hands – and how many surfaces our hands touch within the home, workspace (which is also likely to be home), car and social areas – think shops at the minute.

As the vast majority of us are based at home now, it is important to keep the house as clean and as sanitised as possible in order to eradicate any germs and bacteria that may be lingering around. We are all fast becoming COVID-19 hygiene experts!

An antibacterial spray works well for kitchens, bathrooms and other hard surfaces around the house, including the working areas for your new home office. Soft furnishing antibacterial sprays are also available for those items that are harder to clean, such as sofa cushions, pet bets, curtains and rugs.

Staying home is also one of the biggest ways to ensure that the virus isn’t introduced into your house – but it is understandable that some people do need to go out for medicine, exercise, shopping or work. Again, another reason to place more importance on COVID-19 hygiene than what might have previously been considered.

Upon entering the house after being outside, consider immediately taking clothes off and placing in the wash, before getting in the shower yourself. Make sure that any surfaces you touch on the way through the house are cleaned afterwards – or even better, all doors are left open including the washing machine and the entry to the shower.

With more of us ordering home shopping, there will be greater demand on the postal service and courier / delivery drivers. Keep a hand gel pump in the hallway if possible so that you can quickly and effectively sanitise hands after receiving post or parcels. Once opened, place the outer packaging in the bin, wash hands again and then sanitise the surface the post / parcel is sat on.

Covid-19 hygiene

If you do need to travel to work, for shopping or exercise, keep a small hand gel dispenser on you or in the car so that you can keep on top of your hand hygiene as you go about your essential business. Perhaps consider a COVID-19 hygiene pack.

When you are out shopping, consider taking some antibacterial wipes with you so you can wipe the trolley handle or the handles on the basket or wear gloves if you prefer. It is important to note with gloves that you should take them off after you have left the shops to ensure that you are washing your hands as you would usually afterwards – or so you can sanitise hands with your hand gel before using the gloves when you get home – which could risk moving germs into your home. Gloves should also either be disposable and placed straight into the bin after use, or washed clean as soon as possible.

With all we know about COVID-19, more and more people are wearing face masks which can not only help them not to catch the disease, but also reduce the risk of sharing it further if they are asymptomatic.

It is considered that face masks could become the norm once the lockdown regulations are lifted, so it makes sense for individuals to get used to seeing and using them now.

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