Vectair V-Air® SOLID | 'R' Refill

Multi-phasing air freshener containing Citronella & other essential oils.

V-Air® SOLID | ‘R’ Refill with Essential Oils





  • VOC exempt & free from propellants.
  • Sub-micron technology (particles size typically below 1 micron).
  • Contains essential oils such as Citronella, Eucalyptus and Geraniol.
  • Vectair V-Air® SOLID-R lasts up to 30 days.
  • Passive refill - no batteries required.
  • No liquids, no leakage & non hazardous.
  • Multi-phasing (ceramic capsule and fragrance core combine and diffuse powerful complementary key fragrance notes).
  • Organic & environmentally friendly. Comes with a fully recyclable retaining clip.
  • Fits into most existing dispensers.


Approx. weight: Grams / Ibs

220g / 0.48Ib (per refill)


Fragrance delivery to areas up to 6,000 cubic feet.

Refill material: Outer


Refill material: Fragrance core

Exact material composition is proprietary information to Vectair Systems.

Pack sizes:

x6 sell pack / x48 outer case

Cartridge life:

Up to 30 days.



Vectair V-Air® SOLID-R Multi-Phasing Refill: Starting with a crisp punch of Citronella essential oil, this strong smelling fragrance then combines with Eucalyptus essential oil and Geraniol to provide effective odor control.

Product Overview

Vectair V-Air® SOLID-R is a multi-phasing, passive and solid fragrance cartridge that delivers consistent fragrance intensity, through timed release waves of different, powerful and effective fragrances through a VOC exempt and propellant free formulation.


The cartridge contains Citronella essential oil, Eucalyptus essential oil and Geraniol.


The Vectair V-Air® SOLID-R cartridge, is uniquely constructed from ceramic, infused with high quality perfumes, then complemented by an integrated internal fragrance core. These combine and diffuse powerful key fragrance notes that are subtly different and at different rates.


Vectair V-Air® SOLID-R particles enable superior fragrance delivery, yet are sized typically below 1.0 micron. This means they are much smaller and lighter than the particles in other fragrance systems, remaining airborne for many hours. This makes Vectair V-Air® SOLID-R highly effective whilst being safe for public areas and continuous exposure.

Awards: Washroom Hygiene: The Cleaning Show Innovation Awards, 2015 | Distributor Choice Award Winner 2015: Sanitary Maintenance Magazine, 2015 | The Green Apple Award, 2015. ‘Best Innovation Award’ – Washroom Hygiene – Clean India Awards, 2016.


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