Green World Ambassadors

The Vectair Systems team prides itself on creating and developing products using the cleanest, efficient and most sustainable methods possible. We always consider the environmental impact & ensure that our products do not cost the Earth. That's why we're very proud to have been recognized by The International Green Apple Awards too, which promotes environmental best practice around the world.

Green World Ambassadors Green World Ambassadors

The International Green Apple Awards is an annual campaign to honor and reward sustainable projects, products and companies globally. We were recently honored as Green World Ambassadors at the Houses of Parliament, London.

This acknowledgement is in light of the environmental success of our Vectair V-Air® SOLID multi-phasing air freshener. Vectair V-Air® SOLID is classified as VOC exempt.

It is completely free of any solvents, propellants, HFCs and harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The unique air freshener contains no batteries. It is designed so that it does not need any external power source – all it needs to work is natural airflow. The refill is 100% organic and the dispenser is 100% recyclable.

How was the status of Green World Ambassadors achieved?

Vectair Systems battled alongside over 500 other nominations in the Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice. As a result of this success, we will have our winning paper published in The Green Book, the world’s only annual work of reference on environmental best practice that is distributed to environment professionals, universities and libraries around the world by The Green Organisation.

The award judges commented: “Air fresheners in public facilities are products that are more likely noticed when they are not installed, but when used they can have VOC, recycling and waste implications. Vectair are major global suppliers and wanted to improve the sustainability of these products, so they invented a recyclable and biodegradable passively dispersed system that uses no propellants or electricity – yet performs as well as any other system.”

The Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice was The Green Organisation’s first initiative when it launched in 1994. Initially aimed only at local authorities, The Green Organisation were soon asked to organise a similar scheme for commerce and industry. Then there was growing interest from overseas, so all of these sectors are now a permanent fixture on the calendar with a presentation ceremony every November in the House of Commons.

Winners in each category are presented with Green Apple trophies.

Paul Wonnacott, President & Louise Goldsmith, Head of Marketing EMEA collect the award.

The awards are now in their eighteenth year and well established as one of the major environmental recognition schemes, both in the UK and internationally.

For more information on our commitment to a green world, visit our Sustainability section.

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