Natural and Necessary

The Phew!™ toilet spray was designed with care and with your health in mind. We take interest in caring about your bathroom freshness and the environment we live in. That’s why Phew!™ uses natural ingredients, without propellants or solvents. Those all-important, non-hazardous raw materials provide peace of mind & a fresh smelling toilet before and after a visit.

No Aerosols

You’ll find no aerosols in use in this natural toilet spray. Just a bottle of Phew!™ containing natural ingredients for a pleasant environment.


Phew!™ toilet spray is safe for use & is non-hazardous, containing no toxic or harmful chemicals, providing additional peace of mind.

No CFCs and No HFCs

Our natural toilet spray contains no Chlorofluorocarbons or Hydrofluorocarbons meaning there is no greenhouse gas contribution or damage to the ozone.

No Formaldehyde

On top of all the natural goodness in our toilet spray, our Phew!™ spray is Formaldehyde free. No awkward moments, no toxins.

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