Natural Toilet Spray

Research we have recently carried out found that more than half of us feel embarrassed or awkward doing a ‘number two’ in a toilet other than our own. So we decided to create a natural toilet spray that is a simple, subtle and an effective method of alleviating those awkward moments.

Natural Toilet Spray Natural Toilet Spray

Why the need for a natural toilet spray?

Well, our research found that 56% of people feel embarrassed or awkward doing a ‘number 2’ in a toilet other than their own and 41% of people try not to go at work unless they absolutely have to.

Asked “where do you feel most embarrassed to go”, popular answers included at work, in an office, at friends or family’s houses, and in a restaurant.

We’ve created a handbag size spray that can be easily carried in a bag or pocket, that doesn’t just mask number two odour, but stops it from escaping from under the water’s surface.

Phew!™ Natural Toilet Spray

How it works

The basic concept of the natural toilet spray is to eliminate the bad smells that can emanate from the toilet bowl and leave behind a fresh smelling scent without just masking the bad odors. When used in the toilet, the user sprays the contents into the toilet directly onto the water’s surface before using the toilet for a ‘number two’. The natural compounds create an invisible, guarding layer on the water which then traps the odors from escaping above, and out into the atmosphere. Instead, a fresh smelling scent is released, creating peace of mind for the user.

Not restricted to just the toilet bowl, the spray can also be used as a general room air freshener as it is non-hazardous, non-toxic and contains ultra fine droplets which allow it to be non-leaching on surfaces when sprayed in the atmosphere. So it’s a perfect little spray for hotels, homes and other indoor environments.


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Our Phew!™ mini-site gives you all the information you need about the product, it’s ingredients, fragrances provided and the technology behind it and provides the link on Amazon, where you can purchase it (EMEA regions only – not available in North America).

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