Read what our customers think

Customer feedback is imperative and is a precious tool to help us learn how we help businesses and individuals on a daily basis with their hygiene needs all over the world.

Read what our customers think Read what our customers think

At Vectair Systems, we are fortunate enough to receive a wide range of compliments from customers who have experienced an excellent service from one of our team or our products. Positive thoughts help us to learn what we excel in and can help to improve our procedures, products and people even further.

Whether it’s a positive review of one of our air freshener refills and air freshener dispensers, a thought about how we helped a customer improve their hygiene needs in the restroom environment, or just a comment about the really good level of customer service received, you can be sure that it’s important to us.

Customer Feedback & Testimonials

“The Vectair Omniscent® unit has been a welcome solution to the problem of bad smells and odors in our fitness studios and changing areas – the smells have now been replaced with a pleasant fragrance, and because we can choose the fragrance settings we want, we can ensure the level of fragrance is constant at all times. It’s been such a success we are ultimately looking to put these units in our reception area and on our main gym floor.”

Bannatynes Health Club, England – Click here to learn more.

“With a high volume of people using our washrooms every day, we were faced with finding a product that is both durable, practical and easy to maintain. Vectair Babyminder™ is all of those things, as well as being aesthetically pleasing! We are looking forward to installing more in our new gate area, gate D.”

Mrs Serena D’angelo, Public Procurement and Purchasing, Rome Airport, Italy – Click here to learn more.

“I have not formally said “thank you” for our wireless flush control unit, Thank you very much for this piece of non-Victorian technology. It’s working very well and helping us maintain our important toilets in top condition.”

Commander – of Royal Navy, HMS Warrior, Portsmouth, England – Click here to learn more.

“Before we used the Vectair V-Air® units, we had many complaints about the bad smells experienced by our guests when they arrived in our chalets. Since using these excellent fragrances & when positioned correctly above the entrance door, I must say the level of complaints on arrival has reduced dramatically. We plan to continue using these air fresheners in our chalets & pet units for the foreseeable future.”

Caroline Grime HEM Caister – Click here to learn more.

“I decided to look for a product that would help to eradicate lingering, nasty odours such as smoke in areas of high footfall in our hotel (such as the lobby or conference rooms) and not just mask them. When I came across Vectair Airsan™, I was extremely relieved. It is an extremely flexible product that can be wall mounted or placed on a side table, which is great for use in hotels where rooms are turned around very quickly. My teams carry two portable units around with them on their cleaning duties and I like Vectair Airsan™ so much, that I even purchased 2 units for home use. Whatever the requirement we have, the Vectair Airsan™ ozone generator seems to have the answer!” 

Marelize Viljoen of Danubius Hotel, Regent’s Park, London, England. 

“We are using them (Vectair V-Screen® Urinal Screens) regularly now and have found that the product is very good in the following ways:

  • Easy to place in the correct position using small ‘service handle’.
  • Hygienic with the disposable glove available with every new screen.
  • Securely held in place by ‘ribbed’ back surface, which equals continuous protection.
  • Specially designed mesh to allow easy flow of liquid through screen.
  • Multiple raised dimples on the upper surface to break down the liquid molecules to allow easy flow of urine through the mesh.
  • Colored ball target for optimum flow.
  • Choice of 5 excellent fragrances to meet customer preference.

We recommend Vectair V-Screen® strongly and congratulate Vectair for bringing an innovative product to the Indian market.”

Corporate Millennium Hygiene Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India – Click here to learn more.

“I installed Vectair’s ozone generator, the Vectair Airsan™ & their large space fragrance unit Vectair Omniscent® into the complex washrooms at Seashore early in 2013. I also use the Vectair Quadrasan® Purge on a monthly basis in the urinals. Rich from Vectair explained how Vectair Airsan™ & Vectair Omniscent® would work better than the existing air fresheners eliminating the source & not just masking bad smells. I was so pleased with both the economy & the results that I am looking at installing these at Rockley Park. I am also considering installing them in to the Mash & Barrel to provide a background fragrance around the entrance for when the guests enter the venue.”

Jonny Green Complex Manager, Rockley Park, Bourne Leisure, England – – Click here to learn more.

“Practical Action is an International Development Charity working with the poorest people in the world. Many of our UK based staff travel overseas to work in countries where there are significant risks to health. Practical Action decided to install the Vectair Safeseat™ product in our washrooms to help protect our staff and visitors from any possible infection. The Vectair Safeseat™ dispensers installed have proven to be extremely robust and the refills are easy to obtain.We have found the Staff at Vectair Systems to be extremely helpful and efficient and they have always been willing to go the extra mile.”

Susan Wheeler – Facilities and Services of Practical Action Head Office Warwickshire, England – Click here to learn more.

“It is important when catering for large crowds to provide first class facilities. Washrooms get very heavily used during the intervals of shows and sporting events, so it was important for us to propose a solution which meant people could dry their hands quickly and effectively. Blast fitted the bill perfectly. The 10 second hand dry, self calibrating sensor, ceramic coated cast iron cover and low electric use mean that it is not only reliable, but it maintains its quality appearance for life and is very low cost to run.”

Sales Director, European distributor of the Blast hand dryer – Click here to learn more.

“I felt I had to write and thank you for supplying us with the Vectair Airsan™ ozone generator recently, I am amazed at how much it has made a difference to us. My father is 94 and lives at home with us, unfortunately due to his age and mobility his room can hold nasty odors. We tried various smell masking type products which didn’t really help that much. Vectair Airsan™ has been an absolute revelation for us as it actually gets rid of the smells completely and you wouldn’t even know it was there. It has made a real difference to my father and to all of us so many thanks for that.”

Mr. M. Cardinal – West Sussex, England – Click here to learn more.

“We have had these air fresheners in our Standard Accommodations since July 2011 and they are still fresh smelling and have a pleasant odor upon entry to the accommodation. The dispenser units are easy to install with just one screw to the wall. They come in a variety of scents, all of which are fresh smelling and long lasting. My intention is to place them in all fleets for the new season.”

Lisa McEwan, Holiday Experience Manager at Primose Valley – Click here to learn more.

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